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Next level masterclass
for every droner.

With over 6 years of experience in drone photography and video operations, I will master you from beginner or advanced drone operator to full professional drone hero, whether you start from the bottom or already have some experience flying a drone I will get you to the next level. During this masterclass I will fasten your workflow and teach you everything you need to know to create stunning content. 

The first in depth creative drone course

6 Modules, Free editing assets & much more


For those who just starting flying drones or just want to refresh their brains, updating your drone and basic settings to make sure your drone is safe in the sky!


Lets talk what we need to bring and know before processing raw content, from the best programs up to folder structures. lets be organized.

Aerial Photography

Get those bangers! Lets dive in the photography rules and standards and go beyond with creative ways to level up your photography skills.

Aerial Cinematography

Bring those frames to life! A closer look at all my techniques and basic settings you need to know to make your video's more powerful.


Tricky manoeuvres and tips to fly in hard conditions or moments you could feel intimidated, i will tackle those topics and give you more confidence to fly safer.


A behind the scenes of how you should approach a professional portfolio and your prices, partnerships and contests.

Hello, my name is Boyan Ortse,

You might know me from instagram; @boyanoo, if not I’m a videographer and content creator from the Netherlands who specializes in shooting campaigns, events, creative work and other projects both nationally and internationally. With over 6 years of experience in the video, drone, and creative fields on a professional level i will be your teacher on this masterclass.

Check out some of my trusted clients down below such as DJI, PolarPro, Zhiyun, Jackery and several other winning contests and media platforms which featured me.

Excited to share my knowledge and skills of the past years and combine my creative mind to create a new learning platform for you.

What lessons are in the modules?

Look through all lessons that will be covered in this masterclass

–   Introduction what/who

–   Regulations / No flight zones

–   Drone basics / what is in the bag

–   Controller / buttons

–   Prepare for flying

–   Return to home

–   Calibration of IMU /compass

–   Monitoring while flight

–   Flight modes

–   Landing drone

–   Flying abroad / holiday

–   Traveling with drone

–   Updating your drone

–   Hand launching

–   Boat/dynamic home point

–   Cold weather

–   Rain / wet

–   Hard wind

–   Contests / awards

–   Certification

–   Portfolio / online presentation

–   Calculate your price job

–   Calculate photo rates

–   Working with brands / get noticed

–   Partnerships

–   Abroad jobs

–   Accessoires

–   Bags

–   Computer/laptop specs

–   Editing software

–   Folder structure

–   Backup / HDD or SSD

–   Tips/hacks

–   Preparation

–   Subject

–   Story telling

–   Timing

–   Settings

–   Stick control

–   Flight mode tripod

–   Movements

–   ND / PL Filters

–   Lightning

–   Framing

–   Post production

–   Music

–   Editing

–   Editing effects (speed ramping, reframing, keying, reversing, zooming/dolly zoom)

–   Editing key, rotoscoping, masking

–   Colorgrading

–   Sound effects

–   Exporting

–   Preparation /spots / google maps 

–   Subject

–   Story telling

–   Timing / Seasoning

–   Settings

–   ND / PL Filters

–   Lightning

–   Framing / composition / Scale

–   Creativity

–   Post production

–   HDR

–   Stitching

–   Export

–   Retouching

–   Blending

–   Premiere templates

–   Video luts (.cube)

–   Lightroom presets

–   Drone footage to work with

–   Photoshop templates

And all 3 preset packs are included for free!

25 luts for your video's and 21 photo presets

Aerial Masterclass
for beginners & advanced


one time purchase

The top of the iceberg, where did my content end up

Brands and clients that previously believed in me


Creative mastermind

Get your skills to the next level and learn how to grade, edit & produce refreshing new content.

Boyan Ortse - The Netherlands
Some of my work

Create stunning content just like me


The masterclass will be approximately 5-7 hours of intensive aerial filmmaking education, every lesson will be around 5-20 min in length with over 60 lessons.

No, however most of the users will have a DJI drone. The workflow of editing your content remains the same.

For best results in this masterclass you should use the Adobe Creative Cloud package which include; Lightroom Classic (or CC), Photoshop, Premiere Pro & After Effects. If you don’t have any of these editing software you can download a free trial on Adobe.com. 

If you using any other program you should “translate” the workflow over to your own, which is in most cases the same or slightly different in terms of placement of the tools/timeline or effects.

After enrolling you will be granded to use this masterclass as long as you like, keep your login details safe!

After you paid for the masterclass you will be given immediate acces to the portal and it’s up to you when you start and finish.

No, this is a creative masterclass and this will not give you anything “official” to fly your drone.

No, this is a creative masterclass and will teach you the creative aspects of flying a drone, this will not give you anything “official” to fly your drone anywhere in the world.

I can garantee you won’t be unsatisfied, however you can get a refund within 30 days after purchase if you haven’t watched more then 15% of the material. please get in contact if so.


No, your profile is for personal use only and may not be shared with individuals. Profiles can be monitored and deactivated when suspicious activity has been detected.

You can only use the free content given by me: ‘pictures and video files’ for personal use and personal devices only. Its prohibited to resale, license or any other distribution of this content which includes the Masterclass video’s itself.For example: You can’t edit or modify any content and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale.

By Boyanoo © Epicpixel.nl. All rights reserved.
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